Month: February 2010

Concerning Cover Letters

As a second-semester senior, I suppose I’ll be writing quite a few cover letters, but for now, there’s only one: the last one. I’ve written cover letters before, but they’ve all been written off in a flurry of productivity.  This one?  Well… I just finished (read: 2 hours ago) a cover letter for an internship

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Ruminations on Blogs and Feed Readers

Recently, my roommate requested some blog recommendations as she is working on expanding the scope of the blogs she subscribes to.  Being subscribed to hundreds of blogs myself, I instantly agreed and begin to make a list.  Except I only came up with 8 blogs to recommend to her. 8 blogs.  Out of 317 subscriptions.

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Changing Directions

I started this blog to be a sort of online portfolio for future employers, as graduation is looming.  This was to be a place where I would show off my mad skills in following all the tips and tricks sites like ProBlogger and its ilk insisted made for good content and good business.  And I’m

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