Reading My Way Through LeakyCon

LeakyCon logoThis year, I’m going to my first-ever convention: LeakyCon! For those of you wondering why I’m heading to a plumbing convention, it’s actually a Harry Potter convention (named after the Leaky Cauldron), which has transformed into more of a general Young Adult fiction and fandom convention, with Rowling’s opus as the central, uniting force.

In preparation for LeakyCon, I’ve decided to read at least one book written by each of the attending authors, so I at least have a passing familiarity with what’s going on. So far, they’ve announced:

  • Laurie Halse Anderson – check! I give Speak to everyone I meet, but I do want to check out her newest book
  • Holly Black – I follow her on Twitter, but have somehow never read any of her books forgotten that I read The Coldest Girl in Cold Town and LOVED it!
  • Lev Grossman – I tried reading The Magicians when it came out a few years ago, and didn’t like it much, but I’m going to give it another shot
  • John Green – I read his most recent, The Fault in Our Stars (soon to be a major motion picture!)
  • Alaya Dawn Johnson – I’ve actually never heard of her before this, but am certainly intrigued by her books
  • Malinda Lo – I’ve had Ash on my to-read list forever, so now it’s being moved to the top!
  • Stephanie Perkins – Another author I follow on Twitter but haven’t yet read
  • Rainbow Rowell – I have Attachments waiting for me on my bedside table, but have been told I really really need to read Fangirl
  • Scott Westerfeld – I have been a fan of his since the first Uglies book came out!

Since they’ve just announced that it’s only 100 days until LeakyCon, I guess I need to get cracking – book spines, that is!

Oh, and naturally I’ll be rereading the entire Harry Potter series.

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