Sing It Out Sunday: 3-Weeks-at-Once Edition

Whoops! Looks like I let the last few weeks slip through my fingers. Is anyone else in denial that April starts this week? And that 2015 is already a quarter over?

Ok, enough of that. Here’s what I’ve been reading/pondering over/sharing recently, starting with Monica Lewinsky’s TED tale on “The price of shame”:

  • TED’s social media editor, Nadia Goodman, discusses comments received on Facebook when they posted the Monica Lewinsky video, and concludes “When we clearly show what is and is not acceptable, the tone does change.”
  • As a proud 2nd-gen Kindle owner, I think I could have written this helpful list of 21 Kindle tips myself…
  • Maria Tartar on fairy tales and folklore (side note: “Fairy Tale Expert” is my dream job title)
  • If you’re a part of any fandom online in any capacity, you’ve seen (or perhaps taken part in) a fanwar. Here’s a really important discussion/reminder on the differences between criticism, rage and vilification.
  • On the flip side of fandom, here’s what happens when streams cross and beautiful people make beautiful things, like a gospel version of the “Ballad of Serenity” from Firefly:
  • MentalFloss’s “8 German Travel Tips for Visiting America” explains so much and connects to me on a deeper level than it probably should, considering I’m 3 generations removed from my German ancestors…
  • A few helpful tips from Joy the Baker on how to be a better baker. I’ve always loved both cooking and baking, but have never truly felt comfortable experimenting with the latter (for the former: I’ve never met a recipe I haven’t altered)
  • For Lost fans (and who isn’t?!), a lengthy look at the show’s inception and first few seasons from one of the writers
  • And, finally, Harry Potter set to the Friends theme song:

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