Sing It Out Sunday: Easter Edition

Happy Easter! Spring seems to have finally sprung (about time!!!), and I am trying to spend as much time outside, soaking up the sun, to counteract that long winter.

  • A clever approach to pass phrases that combines entropy with memorability, and results in a practically unhackable lock
  • The police department on the Isles of Scilly (population: 2,200) have the most charming Facebook page.
  • While I enjoy attending book talks with authors, I’m not a huge fan of collecting signatures in my books for the sake of a signature. And it seems like I’m not alone: Alice Burton writes about asking authors to sign books with their favorite word – a tradition I might just have to take up!
  • I’ve always found it a bit strange that my father enjoys reading through the obituaries on the weekend, but I do have to admit that that is often where the idea that “truth is stranger than fiction” shines through most brightly. Take, for example, the life of one Colonel Michael Singleton, who “was a pipe-smoking classicist whose family ran one of England’s oldest prep schools for much of the 20th century” – a place where, among other things, “Boys were permitted to capture owls and keep them in the fives court, provided they caught enough sparrows to feed them.”
  • I love this idea behind Neighbor’s Table – a large table, big enough to seat 20 people, obviously requires that you continually bring people around to sit at it and become friends. This story of one such party explains it better than I can.
  • Finally, a TEDx talk from one of my favorite authors, Maggie Stiefvater, about “How Bad Teens Become Famous People”:

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