Sing It Out Sunday: Father’s Day Edition*

*Disclaimer: links contained herein may or may not have nothing whatsoever to do with fathers as a species or Father’s Day itself.

Charleston-cover-6-21-15There’s no way to continue without remembering the horrifying events of this past week at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, and honoring the victims. I’ve included at the right the cover of Charleston’s The Post and Courier from today, and encourage you to read about and remember those who died, and continue to raise your voices in fighting the hatred that is gripping so much of America these days. As Karen Walrond writes, amplify, amplify, amplify. As a white American, I have remained far too silent these past few days. It is far past time to do something, to say something, about these atrocities being committed.

There are so many wonderful stories and voices that I fear are being drowned out in my very white world, and white newsfeeds across social media, and I ask that you share with me those whom you respect, admire, and want to amplify. I’m listening.

With that, here are a few other stories that have caught my eye this past week, which I share in the hope that they renew your hope in humanity as they have mine, which has been so sorely tested this year.

  • From ESPN (a source I never imagined I’d like to here!), and intriguing story of the Belgian-turned-Detroitian sport of ‘featherbowling,’ and the men who keep the tradition alive.
  • I’ll admit, I’ve never quite caught the Channing Tatum-craze (my sister on the other hand….), but this recent Reddit AMA he did has quickly changed my tune!
  • Even if you weren’t one of the millions who say Jurassic World this past weekend, breaking box office records worldwide, you can still appreciate these zookeepers replicating Chris Pratt’s raptor-taming technique, with marvelous results.
  • Have you ever thought about the musical scores of those superhero movies you (well, at the very least I) adore? Prepare to be amazed!
  • Ever thought about where those rewards your credit card company promises come from? Answer: Not just the exorbitant interest rates they charge you, but also the rates they charge businesses large and small for the privilege of accepting their cards. This post from a small business (bookstore) owner has certainly made me think twice about using a credit card for relatively small purchases at similar establishments.
  • Denizens of the internet: please, please, please remember that there are real people behind the creations that you so love and create fandoms around. Let’s stop the hate.
  • Did you know there’s a real Mrs. Meyers behind the famous cleaning brand? Design*Sponge has the story!
  • And now, I will leave you with the one and only Alan Rickman – on helium!

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