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The Ritual of Crosswords

I have fond memories of doing the crossword puzzle on the weekends with my father. We’d be in the kitchen, me with pen in hand, ready to fill out the answers, reading out the clues to my father who would be waltzing around cooking up a storm, creating whatever recipe caught his eye in Bon

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Exploring the Past

A few months ago, my father came across some boxes of old papers and photographs that my grandfather (his father) had kept. My grandmother and my aunt came over to my parents’ house, and we all spent a few great hours going through the materials packed away in these boxes, with nothing younger than 50

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The Best Laid Plans…

My name is Kathleen, and I’m a planner. For some things, I’m happy to go with the flow. For others, I will plan extensively, mapping out how something will work out in excruciating detail. Emphasis on excruciating, because when it doesn’t go to plan? I am not a happy camper (and, according to my parents,

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